Morocco Embassy

United States Embassy: Casablanca Morocco

Embassy Website:

Embassy Phone Number: (212) 0661-99-59-46 for non-immigrant visa questions (212) 0661-99-83-64 for all immigrant visa questions.  Staff in Casablanca can speak with you in English, French, Arabic

Embassy Email Address: Immigrant visas :   Nonimmigrant visas:

URL for scheduling the interview online:

Can fiancee/spouse attend the interview: No

Where to pay the Embassy fee: At any branch of Banque Marocaine pour le Commerce et l’industrie (BMCI) except the branches at Gauthier and Rue d’Alger in Casablanca

Local language documents need translated: Documents do not need to be translated into English or notarized.  You can bring original documents.  After the interview the Consular officer will return them to you.

Embassy appointment scheduling method: Online appointment System

Number of photos required for Embassy Interview: 2

Number of photos required for the Medical Examination: 3

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