CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas

What is a CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visa?

Presently Homeland Security is not processing K3 spousal or marriage visa petitions. They are processing CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas petitions.
(Formerly K3 Marriage Visa).

Learn more about Proxy marriage below

CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas will be issued by the consulate if at the time of the interview the couple has been married less than two years. IR1 visas will be issued if at the time of the interview the couple has been married longer than two years.

The CR1 / IR1 Visa includes the issuance of the Permanent Green Card for your spouse soon after he/she arrives in the United States. A Green Card actually costs less than they did under the previous K3 Visa and less than the K1 fiancee visa.

There are two types of Proxy marriages: Single Proxy marriage ceremony, and Double proxy marriages. Men and woman in the military who are overseas sometimes get married this way in order to extend military benefits their fiancée.  Call us: 619-249-0204

CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas are for couples that can prove they are both of legal age to marry and free from any previous marriage. You must be a U.S. citizen in order to obtain CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas for your husband or wife. CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas cannot be obtained by a permanent resident.

You must be able to prove fully that your marriage is legitimate. The USCIS and the U.S. State Department believe that a lot of the marriages are fraudulent marriages. The government scrutinizes each international visa application and will reject filings for any reason, any minor error. If there are mistakes or omissions in your CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas’ petition; it can and will cause a delay from the visa’s approval.

Children & CR1 / IR1 Marriage Visas Dependency

If the marriage took place prior to the child’s 18th birthday and the child’s visa application is filed prior to the child’s 21st birthday the child is eligible for a CR1 / IR1 Marriage Dependent Visa.

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