Our pricing has been competitive since we started in 2004. Pricing is still very reasonable for the personal service you will receive from us.

This is what we do for you:

1. Once you hire us we will email or mail you a packet of instructions detailing what we need from you & your love one for us to do all the work on your case
2. We will file your petition to the USCIS directly through Priority mail (No extra charges for this)
3. Once your case has been approved from the USCIS we will help you with the financial part of the case
4. We will be sending information to your fiancee or spouse on how to prepare and what to take to the interview
5. If you’re married we will do the adjustment of status for your spouse prior to the interview for the “green card”
6. If you’re doing a fiancee visa we will do all the work for adjustment of status which issues the “green card” once you are married

All this will ensure success and visa issuance. Check our testimonials!

Beware of New Companies that have “too good to be true” pricing. You want to ensure your visa application goes through without problems or delays. Remember attorneys have hired us to do “their” petitions. If these could only be done by attorneys that charge $1800 and more then why didn’t they hire one of those attorneys? Simple, they know you don’t need an attorney and they don’t want to pay what the other attorneys charge.

Unsolicited testimonial from one of our attorney clients

Dear Cynthia,
Visa obtained today in Guangzhou with no problems at all, so we are happy and grateful. We will contact you on return to US next week re adjustment of status. I’m glad to say (for quotation) how much I appreciated your expertise and assistance. You helped us every step of the way. All your advice was accurate and helpful, and your service always prompt and courteous. All documents your firm prepared were accepted by the US consulate immediately. As an attorney, I always appreciate professional skill and I think your reasonable prices and expertise are the best in this field.
Best regards,
David C. Attorney Wife from China

Following is the complete package there are no additional cost except for the filing fees:
I-129F $340
I-130 $420

Fiancee visa & Marriage visas $695 which includes fiancée visa, marriage visa petitions done by our experts to completion.  What is included is the adjustment of status petitions for the green card. We offer expert service, quality work at a fair price. No one on the internet offers this price for both services.

You have found the right company so contact us with your questions.
Toll free in the U.S. 866-750-9020
Out of the U.S. 619-249-0204
We also do tourist visas, removal of conditions, visas for parents or siblings, call our office for information and pricing.
For Poverty Guidelines:   scroll down to I-864P click on it.  This link will provide information on filing fees as well.

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