Same Sex Marriages

Immigration Docs is excited and proud to be able to offer spousal visas for same sex couples.

You and your partner have waited a long time for this day and Immigration Docs stands ready to help seize this moment. Grab this opportunity now and be among the first same sex couples to receive a green card. Not married yet? No problem, we can prepare a fiance visa petition to bring your loved one to America for marriage and a green card application. If your partner or spouse is already in the USA we can prepare a green card application. Call us now no charge for a consultation at 619-249-0204



The USCIS and State Department each have published information on this new process for Same-Sex Spouses. We recommend you review these documents here:

U.S. Service Member and fiancé receive the first same sex fiancée visa!!

The U.S. Embassy in the Philippines issued the first same sex fiancé visa on December 2, 2013 to Robert Cotterman and Noel Amara. Robert Cotterman, a U.S. service member recently returned from Afghanistan. The two met online about two years ago and plan to marry this month in California. Congratulations!!!

Same-Sex Marriages
FAQ’s for Post-Defense of Marriage Act

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